Amplicon Biosciences & The Biome
20TH – 26th JUNE 2016

Following the success of the Winter School  (27th – 31st December 2015), Amplicon Biosciences and The Biome is back with the summer school in Bioinformatics.
The summer school aims to bring together a conglomeration of students, scholars and teachers on a platform for cutting edge bioinformatics pipelines understanding and execution.
This year, the focus of the school is to demonstrate the different next generation bioinformatics techniques such as metagenomics, metatranscriptomics, transcriptomics, pathway analyses and disease informatics.
Apart from the training, the participants would also get the opportunity to present their research work or hypotheses in the segment Nubile Minds.

Four awards are to be awarded:
Dr. Maya (Guha) Ganguli memorial award
Director’s Choice Award
Best Critical Question Award (For Audience)
Best Workshop Participant Award

Early Bird Registration Deadline: 15th May 2016: Rs 4000/-
Late Registration (Upto 17th June): Rs. 5000/-
Spot Registration (20th June): Rs. 6000/-
Group Discounts Available
Abstract Submission Deadline: 30th May
Confirmation of Abstracts: 10th June
Nubile Minds (Young Scientist Meet) (25th  June): Rs 500/-
[Participants are automatically eligible for the nubile minds segment when they register for summer school. Participations are also welcome for Nubile Minds segment separately]


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