Basic Bioinformatics
The First Day of the workshop would be dedicated to understanding of various knowledge discovery pipelines in Bioinformatics with emphasis on DataBases and Data Mining

Microbial Informatics
The Second day would be dedicated to modern trends in Microbial Data Analyses. It shall encompass Molecular Phylogeny, Molecular Clock Analyses, Restriction Digestion and ePCR along with Metagenomic Pipelines

Plant Informatics
The third day of the workshop would be dedicated to plant regulatory motif identification from MPSS data. Apart from that pipelines for plant transcriptome analyses would also be discussed

Disease Informatics
The fourth day of the workshop would concentrate on cheminformatics, drug design and molecular interaction studies. The  pipeline would focus on virtual screening and understanding disease biology.

Virtual Walkthrough
The fifth day of the workshop would be dedicated to the problem solving session. Each participant would be assigned a specific problem and through out the day the problem needs to be solved with a particular inference. Microbial Informatics

(Young Scientist Meet)
The sixth day of the workshop shall experience a clash of the nubile minds – a segment for the young researchers and scientists. UG and PG students, Research Scholars and Teachers shall present their research in an open platform. The Maya Guha Ganguli memorial award and the Director’s Choice awards are up for grabs.

Performance Evaluation and Valedictory
The seventh day of the workshop would involve the evaluation of performances and the distribution of the awards for the nubile minds segment and the Best Workshop Performer award. The valedictory session: where the participants would interact and share their workshop experiences.


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